A. Ray Dalton Chosen as the 2014 Paragon Award Winner

Every year the American Red Cross gives out awards for “Real Heroes” in America.  This year’s recipients included a young man who pulled a family out of a burning  house, a Doctor who donated his time and energy to helping cancer victims who could not pay for therapy and a teacher who saved a child’s life when the boy choked on a sandwich.  The Red Cross also gives out it’s “Paragon Award “to those individuals who best exemplify leadership in the community, compassion for its people and dedication to the lifesaving mission of the Red Cross.”  That award – for 2014 – was presented to our own A. Ray Dalton.

We are very proud of Ray and the leadership role he takes in business and our community.  He is an inspiration to his employees, his friends and his family … demonstrating through his own actions that giving back to the community is vitally important.  That’s why Ray and his wife, Jan,  started the Dalton Foundation, a family funded philanthropic organization that concentrates on women’s health, prison re-entry programs and international healthcare.

CONGRATULATIONS, Ray on being this year’s Paragon Award winner.

NAI Blog – June 2014

May marks the 69th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe.  “The War to End All Wars” was fought over a 4 year period and ushered in a new era of destruction and killing.  Many parts of Europe were leveled to the ground … either by German Luftwaffe or V-1 rockets … or by the incessant bombing of the Allied forces.  So many cities were destroyed that it took years – decades – to rebuild Europe.
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