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NDT Inspection: Image Intensifiers

For more than 25 years, North American Imaging Industrial has been the leading provider of image intensifiers suitable for non-destructive testing (NDT). NDT inspection applications ranging from semiconductor chips, weld inspection and printed circuit boards to battery, automotive casting and propane tank inspections.

With significant cost savings, all NAI Industrial’s image intensifiers are compatible with our digital cameras, together they will make your X-ray equipment top notch and they are all backed by our world-class engineering and technical support. Call our team at 805.383.2214 to order your image intensifier today or ask about other NDT equipment not seen in this catalog.

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P5825QX110 Philips Image Intensifier

P5830SD110 Toshiba Image Intensifier

P5877JP Toshiba Image Intensifier

P5881JP Toshiba Image Intensifier

P5889BE Toshiba Image Intensifier

P5890JP Toshiba Image Intensifier

P9428H110 Thales Image Intensifier

P9432H110 Thales Image Intensifier

P9432Q110 Thales Image Intensifier

P9438Q110 Thales Image Intensifier

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