NDT Inspection Software

NDT Industrial Inspection Software

Vital to quality control, North American Imaging Industrial’s non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection software combined with our digital cameras or flat panel detectors allow manufacturers to find contamination, scratches, cracks, blemishes, gaps, pits and other production flaws. Post-processing software can detect defects invisible to the human eye – faster and more accurately.

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Standard Software Features

  • Image capturing and saving (.jpg, .bmp)
  • Live image frame averaging
  • Post capture image enhancements:
    • Brightness and contrast adjustments
    • Image filters (sharpen, psuedo color, negative)
    • Point-to-point distance measurement tool
    • Measurement calibration (inches, mm, pixels)
  • Image annotation tool:
    • On screen text tool
    • Arrow drawing
    • Line, circular or rectangular shape drawing
    • Angle measurement tool
    • Rectangle measurement tool
    • PTH (plated thru hole) measurement tool
  • Video recording tool:
    • Record and save continuous inspection motion program
  • Image rotation/flip tool (allows user to rotate and flip images 90, 180, 270 degrees plus horizontal and vertical image flip)


Analysis Software Features

  • BGA measurement algorithm tools
  • Solder ball size:
    • Ball area
    • Ball diameter
    • Ball roundness
    • Percent void
    • Pass fail criteria
    • Image reporting
  • QFN measurement algorithm tools:
    • Joint area
    • Percent void
    • Pass/fail criteria


Advanced Analysis Features

  • Semiconductor measurement algorithm tools:
    • Bond wire sweep
    • Die attach void measurement
    • Pass/fail criteria
    • Drill offset measurement
    • Center to center offset (X & Y distance)
  • 3D image rendering:
    • Three dimensional image reconstruction
    • Black/white and color
    • Image rotation and reposition
  • Histogram:
    • Selectable area histogram measurement
  • Measurement ROI for system calibration:
    • Use to confirm system imaging performance